How to know someone’s PAN number?

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PAN or Permanent Account Number although primarily issued for Income Tax purpose but is necessary for many transactions and occasions. PAN is required by bankers at the time of loan application (and also for various transaction). What if someone lost PAN Card and do not remember his or her PAN number or otherwise you want to someone’s PAN. Here is the guide to get PAN of any person with some basic details.

Through the following method, you can know the PAN and ward number of person, to know how to verify PAN online (if you already know PAN number) – read this article.

To know PAN of a person, all you need is Name of the person and date of birth. In case Companies, Partnership Firm, Trust (i.e., non individual persons), date of incorporation is required instead of date of birth. How to know date of incorporation of a company or LLP is explained in this article at the end.

So, when you are ready with details, go to

Click on ‘Know your PAN’ in left panel (see picture below)


In the next Screen, enter Date of Birth (or date of incorporation) and Name, in case of company/ firm/ trust etc., enter full name in ‘Last Name‘ field only.


After submitting details, PAN details will be displayed in next screen (see picture below):


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If you do not have date of incorporation of a company, you can easily get it by following method:

  • Go to
  • Click on MCA Services in top menu (see picture below):



  • Go to Company Master Data in left panel


  • On the next screen, Click on search icon (at the end of company name field), Search the company and select the appropriate one.
  • Enter captcha and go. Next screen will display you master data of the company, where you can find date of incorporation.


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