Don’t Stand in Bank Queue, get token from your Mobile

Last updated by BankersClub on December 12, 2016

Fed up with standing in Bank Queues? Wouldn’t it be great if you visit the branch only when it is your turn? Now, you can get a token for bank services before visiting Bank Branch. State Bank of India, the largest Bank in India has made this possible through a mobile App. 

Yes, State Bank of India has launched a mobile App ‘State Bank No Queue’, through which you can get a virtual token before visiting the branch. So you don’t have to stand in queue, but visit the branch only when it is your turn.

Once you signup with your mobile number, select the service and branch, where you require to visit. The App will allot a virtual token number. The App also informs you the number of customers ahead of you for the select service.


The App also keeps on informing the estimated waiting time for you to get your turn. The app also gives you directions from your place to the selected branch. You can also reschedule or renew your token if you are not sure of reaching the branch on given time.

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The service is available for SBI customers as well as non SBI customers but you can only book token during banking hours. Download the App from Google Play

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This is a remarkable step from the largest Indian lender (SBI), which will help bank customers to save time.  We expect that other banks (specially public sector banks) will also launch such apps to reduce the queues in banks, which have increased manifold due to recent demonetisation by Government. 

If you have used the SBI No Queue App, write your reviews in comment box. If you have not, give it a try.

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