SBI mandate for 11th BPS for upto Scale III only

Last updated by Jai on May 10, 2017

The first meeting for negotiating to salaries of Banks employees under 11th Bipartite Settlement has already taken place on May 2. UFBU has submitted the summary of demands, however, detailed charter of demand is yet to be submitted.

But now it has come to light that State Bank of India has given mandate to IBA to negotiate for the next 11th Bipartite Settlement in respect of Scale I to Scale III only. All India State Bank Officers’ Federation (AISBOF) has shown strong displeasure to this and has written to the Chairman of SBI.

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AISBOF has requested the management to send a revised mandate authorising IBA to negotiate with the Unions on behalf of all scales, which has been the practice hitherto, based on the Pillai Committee recommendations.

Traditionally, the bipartite settlement negotiations are being done on behalf of all the bank employees, irrespective of scales.

Y Sudarshan, General Secretary of AISBOF said “The conditional mandate, he said, goes against the spirit of bilateralism that has been followed thus far at the industry level. It would hurt the sentiments not only at the bank level but also at the industry level

The AISBOF leader said that members would be forced to go on an agitation if these issues are not sorted out soon.