Charter of demands for 12th Bipartite Settlement – Final

Last updated by Jai on January 3, 2023

12 Bipartite Settlement for revision of bank employees’ salary and service conditions is due from 1st November 2022. Finally, the Charter of Demands has been submitted by Bank Unions to IBA.

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So What’s the status of Charter of demand?

Four Officers’ Associations, namely, AIBOC, AIBOA, INBOC and NOBO jointly submitted the Charter of Demand to IBA on 21st October 2022

The process of negotiations on the demands of bankers will now start. Check out this historical trend of time taken for last bipartite settlements.

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Broad Summary of Charter of Demands

  1. Wage revision should take into account risk, responsibility, accountability and transferability of officers. Improved Basic Pay commensurate with Central Government Officers, RBI officers & LICI Officers.
  2. The base date for calculation of quantum hike of ensuing settlement to be based on establishment expenditure as on 30.09.2022 as against present practice of 31st March of the year of wage revision due.
  3. Revision of improvement in pay scales by merger of DA up to 01.08.2022.
  4. Special Allowance, with DA as on 31.10.2022, to be merged with the existing Basic Pay.
  5. Revised DA formula with provision for automatic merger with Basic Pay (as that of Central Government) and improvement in Compensation against price rise.
  6. All existing Stagnation Increments up to Scale V should be converted to regular increment after one year from reaching maximum of the respective present scales. This shall also remove present anomaly in fitment on promotion.
  7. Date of sanction of annual increments should be on 1st January and 1st July every year.
  8. The present embargo in regard to the sanction of stagnation increment, automatic movement, increment in next higher scale and PQP in respect of those officers who have refused / took reversion / opted out of promotion should be removed. The present policy of enforcing such embargo is against the natural justice and tantamount to imposition of major penalty.
  9. Upward revision of HRA commensurate with market rent.
  10. Self Lease for officers to be introduced.
  11. Substantial increase of CCA & Location allowance (non CCA centres) for all.
  12. Learning Allowance to be enhanced substantially.
  13. Closing allowance to be enhanced and paid every quarter in view of the enhanced workload performed by officers every quarter end as it is an obligatory requirement to declare audited quarterly results.
  14. Improvement of lumpsum amount as compensation on transfer and two months‘ salary to compensate incidental expenses on transfer.
  15. Improvement of lumpsum amount on mid-academic transfer equivalent to three month‘s gross salary to meet the education expenses of children on account of transfer.
  16. Review and rationalization of halting/boarding/travelling expenses/Hill area allowance etc.
  17. Introduction of incentive for rural and other sensitive/difficult areas.
  18. Improvement in special area allowance and special compensatory allowance for N.E, Jammu, Kashmir, Himachal, Leh, Ladhakh, Uttarakhand and red corridor / disturbed areas.
  19. Improvement in Leave Fare Concession and monetization of LFC – The entitlement of mode of travel should be made as air travel to all the officers and restoration of LFC abroad within domestic entitlement.
  20. Special Provision for Women Employees with regards to placement and postings, provision of crèche facility as per Govt. guidelines / flexi timings /work from home, child care leave with salary as applicable in Central Government etc.
  21. Introduction of 5 day work week.
  22. Working hours for officers should be defined and regulated, in terms of ILO Norms.
  23. The income criteria for dependents to be substantially increased.
  24. The Provident Fund should be at the rate of 12% of the total salary and allowances.
  25. The Gratuity should be paid at the rate of one month salary and allowance without any ceiling. Gratuity as per regulation should be improved.
  26. Roll back to the existing pension scheme to all those who are in NPS.
  27. Pension to be extended to Pension optees on resignation also.
  28. Updation of Pension in line of Central Govt. and the Principle of One Rank One Pension.
  29. Encashment of entire leave at credit should be permitted on resignation.
  30. Improvement in all leaves facilities/introduction of the concept of leave Bank etc.
  31. Roll back of IBA Medical Insurance for serving officers and retirees and implementing the provision of the policy at individual Bank level.
  32. Uniformity of loans and advances to officers by adoption of best of policies. The Road Tax on vehicles should be paid by the Banks on inter-state transfers.
  33. Review of Disciplinary Rules Procedure. Allowing personal hearing of charge sheeted officer in case of major penalty proceedings accompanied by Defense representative.
  34. Classification of lapses into major and minor penalty.
  35. Keeping in view the principle of Ex Post Facto in our legal framework, Clarification be issued to Banks that any alleged lapse committed by an employee while working in the capacity as workmen, but alleged lapse detected when employee is an officer, he should be tried under bipartite rules and not under officers D & A regulations.
  36. Full legal expenses to be borne by banks on legal cases against any officer both serving and retired for all cases related to banking work except charges of fraud perpetuated by the officer.
  37. Present ceiling of 3% of net profit for welfare to be increased to 5% of operating profit without any ceiling for staff welfare activities.
  38. Categorization of Branches to be done uniformly for all Banks by IBA & RBI.
  39. Massive recruitment of officers, clerical, subordinate staff and security guards required.
  40. Appointment of compassionate grounds to be completed within six months period

Download the detailed Charter of demands for 12th Bipartite Settlement

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The Special Allowance at the time of retirement should be included in the pension eligibility for 

those who retired after 01.11.2012. UPDATION OF BASIC PENSION FOR ALL RETIRES SOONAFTER BPS/WAGE REVISION takes place for Banking Industry. 🇮🇳🙏.

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