Complaints with banking ombudsman increased by 25%

Last updated by Jai on April 25, 2019

RBI released Annual Report of Banking Ombudsman Scheme for the year 2017-18. Key highlights of the report are :

·         Total complaints received by Banking Ombudsman (BO) in 2017-18 : 163590 [Increased from 130987 during 2016-17 and 102894 during 2015-16]. 24.9% increase in complaints over previous year.

·         Highest complaints (46994) received against State Bank of India followed by HDFC Bank (12044) and ICICI Bank (10465).

·         Highest complaints in New Delhi.

·         North Zone has highest share [44%] in number of complaints.

·         50% complaints are from Urban area and 27% from Metropolitan.

·         Disposal rate of complaints by BO 96.5% as compared to 92.0% in the previous year.

·         Major grounds of complaints : Non-observance of fair practices code (22.1%), ATM and debit card issues (15.1%), credit card issues (7.7%), failure to meet commitments (6.8%), mobile and electronic banking (5.2%).

·         65.8% of maintainable complaints were resolved by agreement i.e., through mediation.

·         148 Awards were issued by 12 out of the 21 Banking Ombudsman in 2017-18 as compared to 31 Awards issued in the previous year.

·         The Appellate Authority received 125 Appeals in the year 2017-18 as compared to 15 Appeals in the previous year.

·         The average cost of handling a complaint came down from ₹ 3,626/- in 2016-17 to ₹3,504/- in 2017-18 due to increase in efficiency and economies of scale.

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R.K.GUPTA · April 25, 2019 at 2:40 pm

These are the complaints which are on record. But the services of banks have deteriorated not because of they do no want to do, but because of lack of knowledge. There is wide gape between available and desired knowledge at all level. The complaints which are sent by post are not taken into account even at the corporate level what to say for the branches. The private sector banks are more careless to take any complaint on record and if it is send even of fraud, it is not taken care of and they come for the rescue of their staff. Sorry state of affairs. The feeling of “Aham Bramh Ashmi” has to be removed. It is a service oriented but in fact it has become dictate oriented.

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