Bank Strike on 15th March 2018

Last updated by Jai on February 7, 2018

United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) has called one day all India strike on 15th March 2018 for early settlement of 11th bipartite.

11th Bipartite Settlement for increase in salaries of bank employees is already due from 1st November 2017. There has been rounds of meeting between UFBU and IBA but still nothing has been fructified.

Despite Government of India’s reminders to Public Sector Banks for implementing the bank wage revision well in time, the process is very slow. There has been history of delays in increasing salary of bankers. You can see, how much time the bipartite settlements have taken in past.

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But the bankers are asking the question that whether a one day strike will have any effect, keeping in view the uninterrupted availability of alternative delivery channels like ATM, Mobile Bank, Internet Banking etc.