Free Study Material for Bank Promotion Exam 2021

Last updated by Jai on September 17, 2022

Bank promotion exams are held in almost every bank and if you are appearing for promotion in your bank in 2021, you must be looking for Bank Promotion Study Material.

If you are not sure which topics are covered in the bank promotion test, you have landed to correct page. [Read: How to prepare for bank promotion exam]

Bank promotion study material for clerk to Scale-I, Scale -I to II, Scale II-III and Scale III to IV is more or less same but the degree of difficulty level vary from scale to scale.

Study material for Promotion exams in banks is not generally available easily and you have to refer to various resources for preparing for promotion exams. You may find some Free Study Material for Bank Promotion test in 2021 but all are not updated.

It is very important that you get complete and updated study material so that you save time and prepare well for your promotion exam.

We have created a course for a bank promotion exam, for the time being, which is FREE. You can enroll for the course.

We are providing you latest and free study material for bank promotion test. This study material would be helpful for promotion from Clerical to Scale 1, Scale 1 to 2 and Scale 2 to 3 or Scale 3 to 4. This study material is updated for 2020 – 2021 promotion exam.

Internal promotion exams/ tests in public sector banks cover various topics/ areas which include Banking related law such as Banking regulation Act, the RBI Act, Negotiable Instrument Act, commercial laws such as Indian Contract Act and other related provisions of various acts concerning banks, banking and business for example, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, companies act, RTI act, Consumer Protection act, FEMA, PMLA etc.

Besides laws, the test syllabus of bank promotion tests covers RBI guidelines/ regulations governing banking, loans and advances etc. This inter-alia includes Banking Ombudsman scheme, relevant guidelines governing advances and restrictions thereon, foreign exchange related guidelines etc. BCSBI is an important topic.

Bank specific schemes, products and guidelines are also tested in the promotion test. This includes MSME loan products, retail loan schemes, agriculture loan schemes, deposit products, type of accounts, type of debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, mobile banking, delegated powers for sanction etc. 

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