Free Mock Test for bank promotion exams

Last updated by Jai on June 19, 2020

For promotion in public sector banks, written tests are conducted, which are Computer based objective type tests. The syllabus for the bank promotion tests cover various banking related topics.   Upto some extent the pattern of questions and type of questions remain same for all scales be it Scale – 0 to Scale I, Scale -I to II, Scale II to III, Scale III to IV or Scale IV to V, but the degree of difficulty level vary for different scales.

Before going to the final exam, mock test is a very important tool to measure preparedness. A free mock test for a bank promotion test helps you in assessing your level of preparedness for the final exam.

If you attempt a few mock tests, it will help you understand the pattern of questions and the type of questions being asked in the bank promotion exam. Furthermore, the mock test will help you in knowing the areas, which you need to work on.

Mock tests for bank promotion are also helpful in making you comfortable for the computer based objective test so that you already have hands-on experience.

You can attempt the free mock test for bank promotion on bankersclub

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