Detailed List of all Finacle 10 Commands – All Banks

Last updated by Jai on October 9, 2022

Finacle 10 or Finacle X is the latest buzz in Banking Industry. Some Banks have already migrated to Finacle 10 whereas some are under implementation. Finacle 10 is the upgraded version of the flagship product of Infosys, which is being worldwide bank various banks. If your bank has also migrated to Finacle 10 or is in the process of migration, you might be looking for the finacle 10 commands.

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Finacle 10 menus are different from the existing finacle version. Here we are giving all the finacle 10 commands. You can also download the pdf file of these finacle 10 commands to save to your system for future reference.

Important Finacle 10 commands are given below:

Finacle 10 commands for Cash

HCBRCash Balance Report
CASHWDCash Withdrawal
HCASHWDCash Withdrawal
HCCSTClose Cash Transactions
CCASHWDCross Currency Cash Withdrawal
CURSALECurrency Sale – Cash
FCASHREPFAB Cash Report Details
IBRCInquire on Bonds Realized Cashflows
IECIssue of Encashment Certificate
HCASHPNDPending Cash Transactions
HPRR38PRR38 Statement of Daily Cash Position
HSCWRPTAShrof Cash Rpt-All
HSCWRPTShroff Cash Report
HSCSTStop Cash Transactions
HGECMTeller Cash Account Maintenance
CASHDEPCash Deposit
HCASHDEPCash Deposit

Finacle 10 Commands for opening and modification for various types of accounts

HOAACMCLA/C Open Modification – Corporate Loan
HOAACMCCA/C Opening-Cash Credit-Modification
HOAACVCLA/C Opening-Commercial Loan-Verification
HOAACMTDA/C Opening-Term Deposits-Modification
HOAACVTDA/C Opening-Term Deposits-Verification
HOAACMTUA/C Opening-Top Up Deposits-Modification
HOAACVTUA/C Opening-Top Up Deposits-Verification
OAACMPSA/c. Open Modification-Pre Shipment Acct
HOAACBPAccount Opening-Bill Purchase
HOAACMBPAccount Opening-Bill Purchase-Modify
HOAACVBPAccount Opening-Bills Purchase-Verify
HOAACCCAccount Opening-Cash Credit
HOAACVCCAccount Opening-Cash Credit-Verify
HOAACCLAccount Opening-Commercial Loan
HOAACCAAccount Opening-Current
HOAACMCAAccount Opening-Current-Modification
HOAACVCAAccount Opening-Current-Verify
HOAACLAAccount Opening-Loan
HOAACMLAAccount Opening-Loan-Modification
HOAACVLAAccount Opening-Loan-Verify
HOAACODAccount Opening-Overdraft
HOAACMODAccount Opening-Overdraft-Modification
HOAACVODAccount Opening-Overdraft-Verify
HOAACSBAccount Opening-Savings
HOAACMSBAccount Opening-Savings-Modification
HOAACVSBAccount Opening-Savings-Verify
HOAACTDAccount Opening-Term Deposits
HOAACTUAccount Opening-Top Up Deposits
HOAACACLAutomatic Account Opening
HOAACALAAutomatic Account Opening
GBHMRBonds Holiday modification report
HCMMICommon Message Modification Interface
HDDMODDD Modification
DRDNMDrawdown Rate Modification
HFDOCDFixed Deposits Opening Closure Details
HUNRECIBR Open Orig/Resp Entries Reports
MCECModify Corporate Cus
HMEACModify Effective Asset Classification
MOFModify Order Fixing
MRCRModify Retail Cus
MSPVDModify Structured Product Value Date
MSDAModify Syndication Distribution Amount
FOPACOPOffline Operative Account Opening
OAACPSOpen a Pre-shipment Account
HOCSTOpen Cash Transactions
HOICZOpen Inward Clearing Zone
HOICZSETOpen Inward Clearing Zone For Set
HOXFTOpen Transfer Transactions
HOZOOpen Zone
HRMIMRestrict Modify Indicator Maintenance
RMBOCReverse/Modify Batch Order Confirmation
RMBSReverse/Modify Batch Order Settlement
GSPHMRSP Holiday Modification Report
HBCREPRTBankers Cheque Recon Report
HCHQUPLDCheque Book Details Upload
CHQISSCheque Book issue
HCHBIRCheque Book Issued Register
HCHBMCheque Book Maintenance
HCHBMAUCheque Book Maintenance
HECHRACCheques Rejected at Counter
HFBCCSForeign Cheques Covering Schedule
GCCSGenerate Cheques Covering Schedule
HINQACHQInquire Account Number for a Cheque
HICHBAIssue Chequebook to Account
HICHBIssue Chequebooks
HPDCZMPost Dated Cheque Zone Maintenance
HPDCMPost Dated Cheques Maintenance
UOPDCRPost Dated Cheques Upload for reject PDC
HPRR25PRR25 Report of rejected cheques
HPUCBTPurge Cheque Book Table
HXFCHBACTransfer Cheques between Accounts
HUCSUpdate Cheque Status
UMFTCDUpload MF Transactions Cheque Details
USIPCDUpload SIP Cheque Details

Finacle 10 Menus for Demand Draft (DD)

HDDCDD Cancellation
HDDIRDD Issue Reports
HDDNPADVDD Not Paid Advice
HDDADVDD Payment Advice Entry
DDREMDD Reminder Batch Menu
HDDSMDD Status Maintenance
HDDSUMFDD Summary in File
HDDXFRDD Transfer to Head Office
HDDMIDemand Draft Mass Issue
HDDMPDemand Draft Mass Payment
DDDemand Draft menus – Online Services
HDDPRPTDemand Draft Print Report
HDDXMIDemand Draft Ratex Enabled Mass Issue
HDDPDemand Draft Reports
HUPLDSTDemand Draft Status Upload
HDDBPDemand Drafts Batch Printing
GUDDMUDemand Drafts Menu
HGUDDMUDemand Drafts Menu- Online services
HDDPUPLDemand Drafts Payment Upload
HDDRDemand Drafts Rectification
HDDRVRTDemand Drafts Revert
HDDTDemand Drafts Transfer
HDDUPLDemand Drafts Upload

Finacle 10 Menus for Clearing:

HCCOCentralized Clearing Operaions
HCLBAPClearing BAR/Advice Printing
GUCLMUClearing Menu
HGUCLMUClearing Menu- Online services
CLEARINGClearing menus – Online Services
HCLRMClearing rule Maintenance
HCSUPClearing Status Update
HCTCMClearing Transaction Code Maintenance
HCLUPLDClearing Transaction Upload Maintenance
HOCTVClearing Transaction Verification
FCLZMClearing Zone Maintenance
HEGOCECS Generate Outward Clearing File
HIOCLSInquire On Clearing Transaction Sets
HGUICLMUInward Clearing Menu
HICRCMInward Clearing Rej Code Maintenance
REPIWCInward Clearing Replay
HICTMInward Clearing Transaction Maintenance
HICTMOInward Clearing Transaction Maintenance
HICZCMInward Clearing Zone Template Maint
HMCLZOHMaintain Clearing Zone
HMICZMaintain Inward Clearing Zone
FOIQOffline Outward Clearing Instrument Inq
FOWCUPLDOffline Outward Clearing Upload
HOCINSTOutward Clearing Instrument Maintenance
HOCIVOutward Clearing Instrument Verification
HOCDLOutward Clearing Insts Download Report
GUOCLMUOutward Clearing Menu
HGUOCLMUOutward Clearing Menu – Online Sercices
HOCPTRNOutward Clearing Part Tran Maintenance
REPOWCOutward Clearing Replay
FPCLSOOutward Clearing Schedule
HOCTMOutward Clearing Set Lodge
OCLODGEOutward Clearing Set Lodge
HVALDTROutward Clearing Value Date Report
HCLZCMOutward Clearing Zone Template Maint
HPCLSOPrint Clearing Schedule
HPICSPrint Inward Clearing Schedule
HPICWPrint Inward Clearing Waste
HPUIZHPurge Inward clearing Zone
HPURZOPurge Outward Clearing Zone

Finacle 10 commands for ECS

HEDSECS Data Segregation
HEGIRECS Generate Inward Return File
HEIRPECS Inward Returns Processing
HEITUECS Inward Transaction Upload
HECSLLECS Lien Lifting
HECSMMUECS Main Menu – Online Services
HECSMECS Mandate Maintenance
HEMRECS Mandate Report
HECSMUECS Mandate Upload
HEORPECS Outward Returns Processing
HEOTPECS Outward Transaction Processing
HESUPECS Status Update
HEOSRECS Suspense Reversal

Finacle 10 Commands for Deposits

HCAACVTDA/c. Close Authorization – Term Deposit
HCAACTDAccount Close – Term Deposit
HACMTDAccounts Maintenance-Term Deposits
HACMTUAccounts Maintenance-Top Up Deposits
CPFDCalculate Profit for Deposits
HCDEPCombined Deposit
CCASHDEPCross Currency Cash Deposit
HDAMDeposit Accounts Maintenance
HREGFLOWDeposit Flow Regeneration
HDEPMODDeposit Modeling
HDTRDDeposit Transactions Report Detail
HDTRSDeposit Transactions Report Summary
GDLTPRDeposits Linked to Pool Report
GUDEPMUDeposits Menu
ONSGUDMUDeposits Menu – ONS
HGUDEPMUDeposits Menu- Online services
HDRPDeposits Receipt Print
HDUDRPDeposits Receipt Print [Duplicate]
DEPREPMUDeposits Reports Menu
HDEPRPMUDeposits Reports Menu – Online
ONSDPRMUDeposits Reports Menu – ONS
DPMPDDistribute Profit for Mud Pool Deposits
HFDLDFixed Deposits Linked Details
CFDDFlow Amt-wise Distribution of Deposits
HFDDFlow Amt-wise Distribution of Deposits
CGDETGeneral Deposits Details
HGDETGeneral Deposits Details
IPCFDInquire Profit Calculated for Deposits
HIRRDEPIrregular Recurring Deposits Report
CMDDMaturity Periodwise Dist of Deposits
HMDDMaturity Periodwise Dist of Deposits
HNRDCSRNon-Resident Deposit Single Return
HPENDDRPPending Deposits Receipt Print
GPDODRPool-Wise Distribution of Deposit Report
HRDDRatewise Distribution of Deposits
HRELACIRenewed Accounts Lookup For Deposits
HPARTFUNReport For Partly Funded Deposits
HREDRPReprint Deposits Receipt
HTDGSPIScheme Parameter Inqry-Term Deposits
HTUGSPIScheme Parameter Inqry-Top-up Deposits
HTDGSPMScheme Parameter Maint-Term Deposits
HTUGSPMScheme Parameter Maint-Top-up Deposits
CSDDSchemewise Distribution of Deposits
HSDDSchemewise Distribution of Deposits
HPUTDACCTerm Deposit Accounts Purge
HTDEXTTerm Deposit Extension
HTDINTTerm Deposit Interest details
ZTDINTTerm Deposit Interest Details
HTVSITerm Deposit Interest Version Slab Inq
HTVSMTerm Deposit Interest Version Slab Maint
HTDRENTerm Deposit Renewal
HTDTAXTerm Deposit Tax Deduction Details
ZTDTAXTerm Deposit Tax Deduction Details
HTDTRANTerm Deposit Transaction Details
ZTDTRANTerm Deposit Transaction Details
HUPLTAMTerm Deposits Master Upload
HCUTDTerm Deposits of Customer
ZCUTDTerm Deposits of Customer
HUPLTDTTerm Deposits Transaction Upload
HACMCLAccount Maintenance-Commercial Loan
HACMLAAccounts Maintenance-Loans
HACHODCLACH O/w Debit Claim Processing for Loans
HACHODRLACH Outward Debit Resend for Loans
HACHDSPACH-Loans Demand Satisfaction Process
HALMSPAgricultural Loans Master Sheet Print
HLAARAuto Reschedule Pre EI Loans
HCLSLAABatch Closure Of LOAN Accounts
HREPHASEBatch Rephasement of EI Loans
HLACREVBatch Review Loan Against Collateral
HCOLACharge Off Loan Account
CAACLAClose Loan Account
HCUCLAACCommercial Loan Accounts
ZCUCLAACCommercial Loan Accounts
HCLARACommercial Loan Amendment Rescheduling
HCLVSMCommercial Loan Int Ver Slab Maintenance
HCLSPAYCommercial Loan Payment Menu
HCLUPAYCorporate Loan Payment Menu
DDSLDraw Down Syndicated Loan
HECLAECS Loan Batch Job
HEMIINTREMI Loans Interest Details Report
HEISRPTEmployer Rpt For Salary Loan Deduction
IPLIADInquire/Print Loan Interest Acct Details
IPLIAHInquire/Print Loan Interest Acct History
HINSTREVInstallment Reversal of Loan Accts
HLAMPLoan Account Master Print
LAACCTSLoan Account menus – Online Services
LAACCTS2Loan Account menus 2 – Online Services
HLANMLoan Account Notice Maintenance
HLAPSPLoan Account Pass Sheet Print
HLARECALLoan Account Recall
HCULALoan Accounts of Customer
ZCULALoan Accounts of Customer
HLADINADLoan Advance Interest Adjustment
HLAAMLoan Agency Master
HLARALoan Amendment and Rescheduling
HLACOLUPLoan Collection Upload Process
HRLDFDSOLoan Date Field Registry for Date Shift
HLADEFLoan Deferment
HLADISBLoan Disbursement
HLADMLLoan Disbursement Letter
HDOCUPLLoan Document Details Upload
GLFPUTRLoan Facility Pledged by Unit Trust
HCLFEEILoan Fee Details
HLFEEILoan Fee Details
ZCLFEEILoan Fee Details
ZLFEEILoan Fee Details
HLAFIRPTLoan Future Installment/PDC Report
HCLNGILoan General Details
HLNGILoan General Details
ZCLNGILoan General Details
ZLNGILoan General Details
HSHBLGENLoan Interest Data generation
HLINTTMLoan Interest Table Maintenance
HLVSMLoan Interest Version Slab Maintenance
HLALFARLoan Late Fee Assessment and Reversal
HLLDMLoan Litigation Details Maintenance
HLLDRPTSLoan Litigation Details Reports
HLAMODLoan Modelling
HPAYOFFLoan Pay Off Process
HLAPSMLoan Priority of Settlement Maintenance
HLRPSILoan Repayment Schedule
ZLRPSILoan Repayment Schedule
HUPLDMDLoan Upload Demands
GULAMULoans & Advances Menu
HGULAMULoans & Advances Menu – Online Services
LAPDCMULoans & Advances PDC Menu
ONSLAPMULoans & Advances PDC Menu – ONS
HLAREPMULoans & Advances Reports Menu – Online
ONSLARMULoans & Advances Reports Menu – ONS
HLAUPLMULoans & Advances Upload Menu
HLABARLoans Batch Assessment of Rebates
HLAPOSRLoans Collection and Position Report
HLADGENLoans Demand Generation Process
HLADSPLoans Demand Satisfaction Process
HLAFACRLoans- Fee Assess, Collect and Refund
HLAFACBLoans Fee Assessment and Collection
HLAFILoans Flow Maintenance
HLAFMLoans Flow Maintenance
HLAFHMLoans Follow-up History Maintenance
HFCRRPTLoans Forthcoming Rollover Report
HLAMATPLoans Maturity Processing
HLAODRLoans Overdue Demand Reminder/Report
HLAPRR1ALoans Periodical Review Returns 1A
HLAPRR4ALoans Periodical Review Returns 4A
HLAPRR4BLoans Periodical Review Returns 4B
HLAPRR4CLoans Periodical Review Returns 4C
HLARSHLoans Repayment Schedule Report
HLAROBLoans Rollover Batch Job
HLASPAYLoans Scheduled Payment
HSPAYRPTLoans Scheduled Payment Report
HLAUPAYLoans Unscheduled Payment
HLAUPLDLoans Uploads
HLAWFEELoans- Waiver of Fee
HLAWINTLoans- Waiver of Interest
HDBTCONProblem Loan – Debt Transfer
HPSR29PSR29 – Agricultural Loans Return
RLAGSPMReplicate Global Loan Parameters to GSPM
RLARReverse Loan Account Rescheduling
HLAGSPIScheme Parameter Inqry-Loan Accounts
HLAGSPMScheme Parameter Maint-Loan Accounts
HPCMMUPacking Credits Maintenance Menu
PCMMUPacking Credits Maintenance Menu
ONSPCMMUPacking Credits Maintenance Menu – ONS
PCRPTMPacking Credits Reports Menu
HPCRPTMPacking Credits Reports Menu – Online
RPODPCParty Wise Pre-Shipment Credit
HPLRPartywise Liability Register
HACLHMAccount Limit History Maintenance
HAALMAcct Abnormal Limits/Details Maint
LIMSTUPDBatch Limit Status Update
HLIMRXFRBatch Re-Transfer of Limits
HACLHICustomer Limit Details
HCULMTICustomer Limit Details
ZCULMTICustomer Limit Details
HLMTREEICustomer Limit Tree Details
ZLMTREEICustomer Limit Tree Details
HUPLDLHDSA Document Limit History Upload
FCHGRLMFAB Change Offline Debit Limit
GPCLRTGenerate Pre-shipment Cr Limits Report
HLIMITCRLimit Contingent Reversal
ZACLHILimit Details
HUPLLHTLimit History Upload
HLLRLimit Liability Report
HLNDILimit Node Details
ZLNDILimit Node Details
HLNMLimit Node Maintenance
LNMMULimit Node Maintenance Menu
ONSLNMMULimit Node Maintenance Menu – ONS
HPULNLimit Node Purge
HLNREVLimit Node Revaluation
HPULNTHLimit Node Transaction/History Purge
LIMITSLimit related menus – Online Services
HLIMXFRLimit Transfer
HLTLLimit Tree Lookup
HLMIMULimits and Margin
MLMMaintain Limit Master
HPSR32PSR32 Sanction Limits For Accounts
HRLHRebuild Limit History
HREVRENReview & Renew of limit of Rev OD A/c
HREALMRole Event Approver Limit Maintenance
HSELSuperceding Expired Limits
LNMTLTemporary Limits
HCFDDSCancel Forex Demand Draft
FXMMUForex Parameters Maintenance Menu
HFXMMUForex Parameters Maintenance Menu
HFXTRFOREX Turnover Report
HMNTFCTMaintain FOREX Control Table
HPFDDMPay Forex Demand Drafts in Mass
MACForeign Agent Code Maintenance
HFCNRForeign Currency Notes Issued Report
HFCNPSForeign Currency Purchase Sale Report
HFCTCRForeign Currency TC Issued Report
HFCTCSRForeign Currency TC Sale Report
HDTMRForeign DD/TT/MT Issued Register
GUFXMUForeign Exchange Menu
HGUFXMUForeign Exchange Menu – Online
PFIRCForeign Inward Remittance Certificate
FREMRMUForeign Remittances Report Menu
HFREMRMUForeign Remittances Report Menu- Online
MNTFACMaintain Foreign Agent Code
REMPRINTPrint a Foreign Outward DD
CECCurrency Exchange With Customer
CEMCCurrency Exchange With Money Changer
HCLERPMCustomer Level Exchange Rate Maintenance
HRATEXMUExchange Rates Menu – Online Services
MSEDMaintain Stock Exchange Details
FCFRPTForward Cntrct Forward Rate Reval Report
FCFRRForward Cntrct Forward Rate Revaluation
CRVLAFWCForward Contract
HBKFWCIForward Contract
ZBKFWCIForward Contract
HFWCLOSEForward Contract Close
HFWCIForward Contract Details
ZFWCIForward Contract Details
FWCLRForward Contract Liability Report
MNTFWCForward Contract Maintenance
FWCNOTEForward Contract Note Printing
FWCREVALForward Contract Revaluation
FWCTPMForward Contract Type Maintenance
FWCMUForward Contracts Menu
HFWCMUForward Contracts Menu- Online services
HACMBPAccounts Maintenance-Bill Purchases
CAINTMUAccounts/Bills Interest Menu
HCAINTMUAccounts/Bills Interest Menu – Online
ONSCAIMUAccounts/Bills Interest Menu – ONS
HCARPTMUAccounts/Bills Report Menu- Online
HBPADAdhoc Bill Payment
HAMHOBAmortization History Of Bills
HBRBPRBalancing Report – Bills Purchased
BADVPBill Advice Printing
ZODBCHBill and Collection History Details
HODBCHBill and Collection Revolving OD
HODBLCOLBill Collection of Revolving Overdraft
HODBLGENBill Generation of Revolving Overdraft
BLMUBill Letters Menu
HPNPDBill Pay Presentment Processing
BILLPAYBill Payment menus – Online Services
BRMUBill Reports Menu
HBRMUBill Reports Menu – Online Services
ONSBRMUBill Reports Menu – ONS
BTPMBill Type Parameter Maintenance
HBBRPTBiller Bill Report
HBCHCBiller Charge Calculation
HBCRPTBiller Charges Report
HBPYTBiller Credit Processing
HBDELBiller Delete
HBPRCBiller Payment Report
HBLRGBiller Registration Maintenance
HBSRBiller Service Registration
HODBCHRPBilling and Collection History
BILLUDRBillpay Downld,Upld and Rpts menus-ONS
BDSBills Delinked Statement
HBDISREPBills Discrepency Report
HBDTRBills Due Today but Unpaid
BECRBills Export Claim Report
HBICRBills Interest Collected Report
BINTTMBills Interest Table Maintenance
GUBMUBills Maintenance Menu
HGUBMUBills Maintenance Menu – Online Services
HFBEFBills of Entry Statement
BPSBills Purchased Subsidiary Report
HBIREICBills Rear End Int Collection
BRRBills Register Report
HBRRBPRBills Register Report – Bills Purchased
HBRRCRBills Register Report – Collection
BMUPLBills Upload
HCABRCo-accepted Bills
FBCRMUCommonExport/Import Bills Report Menu
HFBCRMUCommonExport/Import Bills Report Menu
HCOCTODCreate Occured TOD Maintainence
HBDDLDownload of Paid Bills
HEXBPExpired and Failed Bills Processing
EOBRExport and Outward Bills Report
FBERMUExports Bill Report Menu
HFBERMUExports Bill Report Menu – Online
EBSExtended Bills Statement
HBKFBIForeign Bills
ZBKFBIForeign Bills
HFBBRForeign Bills Balancing Register
HFBCSForeign Bills Covering Schedule
HFBENCForeign Bills ENC Statement
FXBMUForeign Bills Menu
HPMEMOForeign Bills Presentation Memo
HFBSNCForeign Bills SNC Statement
FBMUPLForeign Bills Upload
GBCSGenerate Bills Covering Schedule
GBDRGenerate Bills Discrepancy
GICBRGenerate Int Collected On Bills
GUBBRGenerate Undrawn Bills Balance Report
IIBRImport and Inward Bills Report
HIMPBILIImport Bill Details
ZIMPBILIImport Bill Details
FBIRMUImport Bill Report Menu
HFBIRMUImport Bill Report Menu- Online services
IBILLUPLImport Bills Upload
HBKIBIInland Bills
ZBKIBIInland Bills
HINBILLIInland Bills Details
ZINBILLIInland Bills Details
HBIDUMPInland Bills Dump
IBHInquire on Bills History
HBIACCRInterest Accrual For Bills
HBIBOOKInterest Booking For Bills
HBICNInterest Calculation – Non Bill by Bill
HFBICSInterest Collected on Foreign Bills
PIHBRInterest History [IDH] Purge For Bills
HBINTRPTInterest Report For Bills
HLBDRLocal Bill Discounting
MBICMaintain Bill Interest Codes
MEOBMaintain Export and Outward Bills
MIIBMaintain Import and Inward Bills
HIDTARCHMove IDT records to IDH for Bills
MTBRMulti Tenor Bills Report
HBIODICOverdue Bills Int Collection
HBBSRTPayer Bill Details Report
GPADBPending and Dishonoured Bills Report
HPBUPLPresentment Bills Upload
HPUBLTPurge Bill Lodge Table
HPUFBMPurge FX Bill Master Table
RBRPReport for Bills Repricing
HBDRReview Of Pending And Dishonoured Bills
HPSPMTScheduled Bill Payments Processing
HSIETRSIs Executed Today Report
OIIBStatement of Overdue Import/Inward Bills
HSRBBRStatistical Report on Bills
HTODCSTOD Criteria and Selection
HTODRPTOD Register Printing
HIBADVPTransaction Advice Printing IBILL
BILLEUPLUpld Foreign Bill Events
HUBDTRUsance Bills Discounted -POR7
HLACMAccount Collateral Link Maintenance
HBSR3BSR3 Adv against selected collaterals
HCBPMCollateral Based Parameter Maintenance
HUPLCLMCollateral Details Upload
HCLDPLRECollateral DP/Lien Updation and Reval
HCLMCollateral Linkage Maintenance
HCLLCollateral Lookup
HCMICollateral Master Maintenance
HCMMCollateral Master Maintenance
HCLMRPTSCollateral Module Reports
HCLSRPTSCollateral Status Reports
HCOLINICustomer Collateral & Insurance Details
ZCOLINICustomer Collateral & Insurance Details
HCCUPLDLink Collaterals Upload for CC
MLMCMaintain & Link Multiple Collaterals
MMCMaintain Multiple Collaterals
HCMMUPLMass Collateral Upload
HSSCSystem Substitution of Collaterals
GDCRADocumentary Credit Reports and Advices
DCTPMDocumentary Credit Type Parameter Maint
HBKDCIDocumentary Credits
ZBKDCIDocumentary Credits
HDCLIABRDocumentary Credits Liability Register
DCMUDocumentary Credits Menu
HDCMUDocumentary Credits Menu – Online
HDCREGDocumentary Credits Register Printing
HIMPDCIImport DC Details
ZIMPDCIImport DC Details
HINDCIInland Inward DC Details
ZINDCIInland Inward DC Details
HINODCIInland Outward DC Details
ZINODCIInland Outward DC Details

Finacle 10 commands for Print

HACMPAccount Master Print
HACSPAccount Selection Print
HBMARGINBG Margin Printing
HACLPCACustomer Account Ledger Print
HCUSBALPCustomer Balance Printing
HCUMPCustomer Master Print
HDCGPRDC General Purpose Report Printing
HFFDPSPFFD – Pass Sheet Print
HHOSHO Schedules Print
HHOSUMPHOC Summary Print
IHOTPAInquire HO Transactions & Print Advices
HACLPOAOffice Account Ledgers Print
HPSPPass Sheet Print
HPBPPassbook Print
HPBPRPassbook Reprint
HDDPALLPrint All Unprinted DDs
PCZDPrint Certificate for Zakat Deduction
PCAPrint Consolidated Advices
HPDBPrint Day book
HADVCPrint DR/CR Advice to Customer
DDFMUPrint Forms
PIPSPrint Investment Portfolio Statement
HPLBRANPrint P & L Report for Branch
HPBBRANPrint Profitability/Budget Rpt in Branch
HPRPrint Reports
HSIADVCPrint SI Advice to Customer
HSICLPrint SI Covering Letter to Customer
HSAGPrint Swift Message Advice
HPTWPrint Transfer Waste
HPVPrint Voucher
HPWOPrint Waste
HPDMLPrint/Display Media List
HPRTPrinter Table Maintenance
HPRTMRPrinting Maha Reports
PPCProfit Certificate Print
HFXPSRGPurchase / Sale register printing
HPUPQTPurge Print Queue Table
HPRRTLRatelist Printing
RADVPRemittance Advice Printing
HDDRPRNTReprint a DD/ Print Advice
HSIRPStanding Instructions Register Printing
HCHRGADVTransaction Advice Printing DC/BG

Finacle 10 commands for Bank Guarantee

HBGCLOSEGuarantee Close
GTPMGuarantee Parameter Maintenance
HGILRGuarantees Issued / Liabilty Register
GMMUGuarantees Menu
HGMMUGuarantees Menu – Online Services
ONSGMMUGuarantees Menu – ONS
BGUPLGuarantees Upload
CRVLABGUBank Guarantees
HBNKGIBank Guarantees
ZBNKGIBank Guarantees
CGOCCalculate Guarantee Overdue Charges
GDPGRDeferred Payment Guarantee Report
IGMInward Guarantee Maintenance
OGMOutward Guarantee Maintenance
HPRR11APRR11A Quarterly Statement of Guarantees
HPRR11BPRR-11B Monitoring of Guarantees
HPRR11CPRR-11C Statement of Guarantees
HBGSTMNTStatement of Guarantee
HSTR19STR19 Insurance covered guarantee report
UBGEUpld Bank Guarantee Events

Finacle 10 commands for Interest

HACACCRInterest Accrual For Accounts
HCLACCRInterest Accrual For Commercial Lending
HRMACCRInterest Accrual For Remittances
HRLACCRInterest Accrual For Retail Lending
HIARMInterest Adjustment Register Maintenance
HODIANOInterest Advance Notice for OD Accounts
INTTDADVInterest And TDS Advice
HACBOOKInterest Booking For Accounts
HCLBOOKInterest Booking For Commercial Lending
HRMBOOKInterest Booking For Remittances
HRLBOOKInterest Booking For Retail Lending
HINTCERTInterest Certificate Print
HRPCINTInterest For RPC Disbursements
HAINTPRGInterest History[IDH] Purge For Accounts
HIPDCRInterest Paid on Delayed Collection
HINTPRFInterest Proof Report
HINTADVInterest Rate Change Advice
HAINTRPTInterest Report For Accounts
HACINTInterest Run For Accounts
ACNPAINTInterest Run For NPA Accounts
HUPLITVSInterest Slab Version Upload
HITCMInterest Table Code Maintenance
HUPLINTInterest Table Code Upload For Accounts
HINTTMInterest Table Maintenance
HITGPMInterest Table Notice Period Maintenance
HIVSMInterest Version Slab Maintenance
HINTREVInterest/Installment Rvrsl of Accounts

Finacle 10 Commands for Inquiry

HATIAbnormal Transactions Inquiry
HCUACIMUAccount Inquiry
HAITINQAccount Interest Details Inquiry
ZAITINQAccount Interest Details Inquiry
HACLINQAccount Ledger Inquiry
HALIAccount Lien Inquiry
HALHIAccount Limit History Inquiry
IOAPBAccount Profit Booking Inquiry
HACSBIOAccount Shadow Balance Inquiry
HACTODIAccount TOD Inquiry
HAACIAccounts Access Code Inquiry
HACICLAccounts Inquiry for Commercial Loan
HACITDAccounts Inquiry for Term Deposits
HACITUAccounts Inquiry for Top Up Deposits
HAALIAcct Abnormal Limits/Details Inquiry
HACHINQDACH Inquiry Details
HACHINQPACH Print Inquiry Details
HAGTIAgent Master Inquiry
HASTIAmount-slab Table Inquiry
HLAPRIAnnual Percentage Rate APR Inquiry
ZLAPRIAnnual Percentage Rate APR Inquiry
HAFIAudit File Inquiry
HABIAverage Balance Inquiry
ZABIAverage Balance Inquiry
HBSIBank Status Inquiry
HBKTIBank Table Inquiry
ISPBDBasic Details Inquiry
ZISPBDBasic Details Inquiry
IBLBILL Inquiry and Printing
HBJSTIBJS Table Inquiry
HBUIRPTBORPI Upload Inquiry Report
HBPINQBPAB Inquiry Master
HBRTIBranch Table Inquiry
HCTICalendar Table Inquiry
ZCUCCCash Credit of Customer
HCUCCCash Credits of Customer
HCASHDPICash Deposit Inquiry
HCASHWDICash Withdrawal Inquiry
HCLCICharge Level Code Inquiry
HCHBICheque Book Inquiry
HECHRACICheques Rejected at Counter Inquiry
HCTCIClearing Transaction Code Inquiry
HCLICollateral Linkage Inquiry
HCLAIMUCommercial Loans Inquiry
IICCommission Inquiry
HACCBALIComponents of Account Balance Inquiry
COINQCust Option Inquiry
HACICustomer Accounts Inquiry
HACILACustomer Accounts Inquiry for Term Loans
HCCICustomer Charges Inquiry
ZCCICustomer Charges Inquiry
HBPSUBCustomer Inquiry – Bill Pay
ZBPSUBCustomer Inquiry – Bill Pay
HCPICustomer Provisioning Inquiry
ICPCustomer Put Inquiry
ZICPCustomer Put Inquiry
HCULICustomer Unutilised Limit Inquiry
HDDICDD Credits Inquiry
HDDIDDD Debits Inquiry
HCLDOCIDocument Inquiry
HLDOCIDocument Inquiry
ZCLDOCIDocument Inquiry
ZLDOCIDocument Inquiry
HDOCTIDocument Track Inquiry
HDRDIRIDraw Down Interest Rate Inquiry
ZDRDIRIDraw Down Interest Rate Inquiry
HDSAIPDSA Inquiry and Printing
HEFIEmployee File Inquiry
HERTIError Table Inquiry
FPRSINQFAB Process Status Inquiry
IFCFees and Charges Inquiry
HFINERRFinacle or Custom Errors Inquiry
HFTIFinancial Transactions Inquiry
HFTRFinancial Transactions Inquiry & Report
MASINQ1Framework Inquiry menus-Online Services
HGPLIGeneral Purpose Letter Inquiry
GPLSIGlobal Product Linked Schemes Inquiry
GPPHIGlobal Product Parameter History Inquiry
HGIGuarantee Inquiry
HINHIHolding Inquiry
HHIIHot Items Inquiry
HIBCTIIBR Control Table Inquiry
HINIIdentification Number Inquiry
HCUALIInquire on Customer Lien Inquiry
INQRYInquiry – Online Services
HBRSTIInquiry for Batch Status Report
INQUIRYInquiry Menus – Online Services
HREFINQAInquiry on Active Referrals
IBDDSInquiry on Bond Deals due for settlement
IBFCInquiry on Bond Fees and charges
HCHOFIInquiry on Charge off and non accural
HCLCHOFIInquiry on Charge off and non accural
HTACHOFIInquiry on Charge off and non accural
ZCHOFIInquiry on Charge off and non accural
ZCLCHOFIInquiry on Charge off and non accural
ZTACHOFIInquiry on Charge off and non accural
HPHINQInquiry on History of Partition A/c
HREFINQIInquiry on Inactive Referrals
HLINTIInquiry on Interest
ZLINTIInquiry on Interest
HPARTINQInquiry on Partitioned Account
HPDBJINQInquiry on PBJ Table
HITIInstruments Table Inquiry
HIBSTIInter Branch Seed Table Inquiry
IOIPDInter Pool Details Inquiry
HINTTIInterest Rate Details Inquiry
ZINTTIInterest Rate Details Inquiry
HINTCIInterest Table Code Inquiry
HITCIInterest Table Code Inquiry
ZINTCIInterest Table Code Inquiry
HINTTMIInterest Table Inquiry
HINTSIInterest Version Slab Inquiry
HIVSIInterest Version Slab Inquiry
HIIAInventory Inquiry ALL
HILCIInventory Location Code Inquiry
HIMAIInventory Merge and Inquiry
HIMIAInventory Merge and Inquiry
HIMAUIInventory Movement Auth. Inquiry
HIMIInventory Movement Inquiry
HISAIInventory Split and Inquiry
HISIAInventory Split and Inquiry
HICIInward Cheques Inquiry
ZICIInward Cheques Inquiry
HIICUHInward CLG Upload Inquiry
IICSIssuer Call Inquiry
ZIICSIssuer Call Inquiry
HLRCDILarge Reference Code Inquiry
HCLACLILedger Inquiry
HLACLILedger Inquiry
ZCLACLILedger Inquiry
ZLACLILedger Inquiry
ZCUALILiens Inquiry
HLLILimit Liability Inquiry
HLIMNDILimit Node Details Inquiry
HLNHIRLimit Node History Inquiry/Report
HLNILimit Node Inquiry
HLNTIRLimit Node Transaction Inquiry/Report
HLAGILoan Account General Inquiry
HLAITCILoan Interest Table Code Inquiry
HLVSILoan Interest Version Slab Inquiry
HLRBTILoan Rebate Details Inquiry
ZLRBTILoan Rebate Details Inquiry
HLAFHILoans Follow-up History Inquiry
HLAOPILoans Overdue Position Inquiry
HMACIMaster Account Inquiry
HCUMIMaster Placement Details Inquiry
HCLMSGIMessages Inquiry
HLMSGIMessages Inquiry
ZCLMSGIMessages Inquiry
ZLMSGIMessages Inquiry
IOMPMudarabah Pool Inquiry
IOMPPDMudarabah Pool Pool Profit Inquiry
HMCAIMulti Currency Account Inquiry
OTRINQOffline Transaction Inquiry
IOSOrder Inquiry
ZIOSOrder Inquiry
IMLOrder Lien Inquiry
ZIMLOrder Lien Inquiry
ITOOrder Transfer Inquiry
ZITOOrder Transfer Inquiry
HOCIOutward Cheques Inquiry
ZOCIOutward Cheques Inquiry
HOIQOutward Clearing Instrument Inquiry
HOPQOutward Clearing Part Tran Inquiry
HWFADMIPEAS Workflow Admin Inquiry
HWFAUDIPEAS Workflow Audit Inquiry
HWFUSRIPEAS Workflow Inquiry
HINPIPolicy Inquiry
IMFCPPortfolio Composition Inquiry
ZIMFCPPortfolio Composition Inquiry
HPPIMPortfolio Provisioning Inquiry
IPRPremature Redemption Inquiry
ZIPRPremature Redemption Inquiry
HPRTINQPrint Queue Inquiry
HMNTRTIRate Master Inquiry
IRCFRealized Cash Flow Inquiry
HINRPIRecurring Premium Inquiry
HRRCDIReference Code Inquiry
GURFIMUReference File Inquiry Menu
HRELPIRelated Party Inquiry
ZRELPIRelated Party Inquiry
RPTINQReport Inquiry
HLAIMURetail Loans Inquiry
HSOLSTATService Outlets Status Inquiry
HSSISOL Status Inquiry
HDDIISpecific DD Issued Inquiry
HDDIPSpecific DD Paid Inquiry
HSSIIStanding Instruction Inquiry
HSIIStanding Instructions Inquiry
HSMISwift Messages Inquiry
HSWSTATISwitch Parameter Inquiry
SIRISyndication Interest Rate Inquiry
HTDSIPTDS Inquiry & Printing
HTCPIACTeller Cash Position Inquiry – Currency
HTCPIAETeller Cash Position Inquiry – Employee
HTCPITeller Wise Cash Position Inquiry
HTHITemplate History Inquiry
TBJSINQTime-based Batch Jobs Inquiry
HTUINSTTop Up Deposits Installment Inquiry
TRANINQTran Inquiry
HTACITransaction Access Code Inquiry
HTFCTITransaction Filtration Criteria Inquiry
HINTITransaction Inquiry
HTEITransactions Exceptions Inquiry
HACLITransactions Inquiry
HTITransactions Inquiry
ZACLITransactions Inquiry
HXFERITransfer Transaction Inquiry
HVTPIVirtual Terminal Profile Inquiry
WMSBOND4Bond Inquiries menus-ONS
DBIRMUDB Inquiries & Reports Menu
HDBIRMUDB Inquiries & Reports Menu – Online
EQBTHR9Equities Inquiries menus-ONS
FIINQMUFI Inquiries Menu
ICCABInquire Corp Act Benifits Dtls
ICRBBRInquire Cust RH and BUY Back Req
ICHInquire Equity Inv Holdings
IFDInquire Fee Details
INQINTPCInquire Interest for Pre Shipment Credit
ICHPInquire Inv Holdings/Position
IBBHPInquire On Bank Bonds Holding and Posn
IBBHInquire On Bank Bonds Holdings
HIBPIInquire On Batch Transactions
IBPInquire on Bond Price
IBODInquire On Bonds OTC Deals
IBOOInquire On Bonds OTC Orders
ICBTDInquire on Bonds Transactions
ICBHPInquire On Cust Bonds Holding and Posn
ICBDInquire On Customer Bonds Deals
ICBHInquire On Customer Bonds Holdings
ICBOInquire On Customer Bonds OTC Orders
ICEOInquire On Customer Equity Orders
ICETInquire On Customer Equity Trade
ICOMTInquire On Customer Off Market Transfers
IOCPInquire on Customer Profits
ZIOCPInquire on Customer Profits
IDDSInquire on Dividend Details
IEOInquire On Equity Orders
IEPInquire on Equity Price
IETInquire On Equity Trade
IFWCInquire on Forward Contract
IFWCHInquire on Forward Contract History
HIOGLTInquire on GL Transactions
IIPInquire on Insurance Policies
IITInquire on Insurance Transactions
IINPInquire on Investment Portfolio
IMANInquire on Mandates
IMFBInquire On Mutual Fund Balance
ZIMFBInquire On Mutual Fund Balance
IMFTLInquire on Mutual Fund Tran. Ledger
IMFDTInquire on Mutual Fund Transactions
IMFTInquire On Mutual Fund Transactions
IRSInquire on Remittances
IESInquire on Signatures
ISPInquire on Systematic Plan
ZISPInquire on Systematic Plan
ITDSInquire On Trades Due For Settlment
HIOTInquire on Transactions
IOZInquire on Zakat
IPCIInquire Pre-shipment Credit Interest
ISCInquire Setlemnt Calendr Dtls
ISPOInquire Struct Prod Orders
GUINQMUInquiries Menu
INSUR7Insurance Inquiries menus-ONS
MFBTHR8Mutual Fund Inquiries menus-ONS
STRPROD9Structured Products Inquiries menus-ONS
WMSCOM4WMS Common Inquiries menus-ONS

Finacle 10 commands for Audit

HAFPAudit File Print
HAFPUAudit File Purge
HALDMAudit Literal Details Maintenance
HAEIInquire On Audit Events
IAMInquire on Audit Master
ISPAInquire on Sign and Photo Audit
IEAUDITInter Entity Audit Report
HISARInter Sol Audit Report
HPADPrint Audit Details
HVAMVerification Audit Maintenance
HVADView Audit Details


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