Have you filed your ITR for FY 2016-17?

Last updated by Jai on May 29, 2017

Have you filed your Income Tax Return for FY 2016-17? If not, then you should file your return as soon as possible. Because from this year onwards, if you delay in filing your ITR, you’ll need to pay a penalty upto Rs. 10,000.  Please do not even let the though come into your mind that “Tax has already been deducted/ paid on my salary, so I’m not required to file ITR”.

Paying Income Tax and filing Income Tax Return are different obligations, which both you are required to fulfil (although you already know this, but just to remind you).

We know that filing income tax return is little cumbersome process. But with the advent of technology, it has become easier now. Although you can file your ITR directly, but its better take help of a professional. Finding a reliable professional would be difficult and then you’ll have to hand over the user ID, password, Form 16 and other financial details to him.

The easy solution is to get it filed online. There is an online solution myitreturn.com, where you can file your income tax return by just uploading Form 16. The pricing is just Rs.125, if your total income is upto Rs.5 lacs and Rs.299 if your total income is upto Rs.10 lacs.

File your Income Tax Return using myitreturn.com through this link and get 10% discount.

This website is a registered e-Return Intermediaries of the Income-tax Department for filing of Income-tax Return.

The website claims that the first Income-tax return in India was filed using their software. They had developed this software for the Income-tax Department.

The website claims to presently help over 1 million users calculate, pay and file their tax return.

They have android and iOS app too.


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