12th Bipartite Settlement : Interesting Data – Everything you need to know

Last updated by Jai on September 18, 2022

Wage Revision of banks employees is done through bipartite settlement between UFBU and IBA.  12th bipartite settlement is due from 1st November 2012. UFBU is yet to submit charter of demand for the settlement.

As such, there is no significant development and there seems no chances of bankers would get their salaries increased on time.

The past trend of bank wage revisions clearly shows that salary revision of bank employees in India are always delayed. The salary revision/ settlements never happen on schedule time.

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We have complied the data about how much the previous bank wage revisions were delayed. Keeping in mind the past trend, can you guess the actual 12th bipartite settlement date?

Due DateActual DateDelay
1st Bipartite settlement1.01.196619.10.19669 months
2nd Bipartite settlement1.01.197012.10.19709 months
3rd Bipartite settlement1.09.19781.08.197911 months
4th Bipartite settlement1.09.198217.09.198424 months
5th Bipartite settlement1.07.198710.04.198921 months
6th Bipartite settlement1.11.199214.02.199528 months
7th Bipartite settlement1.11.199727.03.200029 months
8th Bipartite settlement1.11.200202.06.200532 months
9th Bipartite settlement1.11.200727.04.201030 months
10th Bipartite settlement1.11.201225.05.201530 months
11th Bipartite settlement1.11.201711.11.202036 months
12th Bipartite settlement1.11.2022????
12th Bipartite Settlement

The trend shows that last 5 bipartite settlement wage revisions were were delayed by around 32 months.

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During the 10th Bipartite Settlement, there were 20 rounds of negotiations with IBA before final settlement. For 11th BPS also, large number meetings and rounds of negotiations were held before settlement after 36 months from the due date.

For next wage revision (12th bipartite settlement), which is due on 01.11.2022, negotiations are yet to start, if it follows the past trend, you can understand, what time it is going to take and when it is going to be implemented.

Before the due date of last 11th bipartite settlement DFS had written two letters to IBA and bank unions to start the negotiation process and implement the same within time. Despite that, it took more than 3 years after due date to settle the process in November 2022.

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