22 GMs recommended for ED post by Banks Board Bureau

Last updated by Jai on June 17, 2018

Banks Board Bureau recommends 22 candidates for the post of Executive Directors in Public Sector Banks

The Chairman and members of the Banks Board Bureau have recommended to the Government of India following 22 General Managers for being appointed as Executive Directors in Public Sector Banks (The names of the selected officers appear in alphabetical order of their surnames).

  1. Shri Sanjay Aggarwal
  2. Shri Agyey Kumar Azad
  3. Shri Manas Ranjan Biswal
  4. Shri Ajit Kumar Das
  5. Shri Vijay Dube
  6. Shri Dinesh Kumar Poonam Chand Garg
  7. Shri Gopal Gusain
  8. Shri Shanti Lal Jain
  9. Shri Vivek Jha
  10. Shri Vikramaditya Singh Khichi
  11. Shri Ajay K Khurana
  12. Shri Atul Kumar
  13. Shri Sanjay Kumar
  14. Ms A Manimekhalai
  15. Shri P R Rajagopal
  16. Shri K Ramchandran
  17. Shri K Srinivasa Rao
  18. Ms Usha Ravi
  19. Shri Alok Srivastava
  20. Shri Hemant Kumar Tamta
  21. Shri Shenoy Vishwanath Vittal
  22. Shri Ajay Vyas

These recommendations are based on interactions held by the Banks Board Bureau with eligible candidates from PSBs towards appointment against vacancies in PSBs for the period 2018-19. These recommendations are subject to various clearances.

The Government of India will make the final decision on appointments.

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