11th BPS Latest update – 3rd Round of Core Group Meeting

Last updated by Jai on October 11, 2017

11th Bipartite Settlement is due from 1st November 2017 for which negotiations are under process. UFBU has already submitted Charter of Demand for 11th BPS in June 2017.  Here is the latest update on 11th Bipartite Settlement.

3rd Round of Core Group Meeting of Officers was held on 9th October 2017 at the Office of Indian Bank Association in Mumbai.

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Shri Prashant Kumar, DMD & CDO, SBI, Shri B .Ashok, GM-CBI,  Shri S.K.Chaudhary , GM (BOB), Shri K.Virupaksha, GM-CB Canara Bank, Shri M.K.Biswal, Advisor-BOM represented IBA, besides Shri V.G.Kannan,CE0-IBA and the Officials of HR Department of IBA. Core Committee members  Shri K.K.Nair, Dilip Saha, Y.Sudarshan, S.Nagarajan & S.U.Deshpande represented the Officers Associations.

Discussions were held on on different issues of chartered of demand and were taken forward. Another meeting will be scheduled shortly for discussing certain unresolved non-monetary issues and Disciplinary Regulations and superannuation related issues.

Officers Associations have expressed firmly to the IBA team that the issue of restricted mandate is unacceptable to the them.  They urged upon the Chairman of the Core group to convey the same to the larger committee of the IBA.

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Further to the three rounds of discussions with the IBA on the Charter of Demands , the following issues need to be further discussed for arriving at a mutually acceptable solution.


  1. Compassionate Appointment
  2. 5 days week
  3. Regulated Working Hours
  4. Holidays for Officers working in GRIDS
  5.  Encashment and accumulation of privilege leave
  6.  Staff Welfare 3 % of Gross Profit
  7.  Date of Annual Increment to be 1st Jan & 1. July
  8.  Payment of Allowances for working in Red Corridor
  9.  Payment of Allowance to Officers working in North Eastern States
  10.  Facilities to Women Officers
  11. New Pension Scheme.
  12. Special Leave of Office Bearers
  13. Bi-Lateral relationship With IBA
  14. Payment of Allowance to Officers working in SEZ/NEZ/EPZ
  15. Tax on Perquisites to be borne by Banks
  16. Facilities to Differently abled Officers on par with Government guidelines We would be glad to have the next meeting at the earliest to discuss the above issues apart from the issues pertaining to Disciplinary matters and Superannuation issues.

We’ll keep you informed about latest updates on 11th Bipartite Settlement.