Bank Holidays in West Bengal for 2017

Following is the list of Bank Holidays in West Bengal for 2017. These are the Holidays declared under Negotiable Instrument Act by Government of West Bengal.

Holidays declared under Negotiable Instrument Act by the State Government are observed by all the Banks in that state.

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List of holidays in West Bengal for 2017 under Negotiable Instrument Act:


S.No Occasion/Festival Date Day
1 Birthday of Swami Vivekananda 12.01.2017 Thursday
2 Birthday of Netaji 23.01.2017 Monday
3 Republic Day 26.01.2017 Thursday
4 Saraswati Puja (Sree Panchami) 01.02.2017 Wednesday
5 Good Friday and Birthday of Dr.B R Ambedkar 14.04.2017 Friday
6 Bengali New Year’s Day 15.04.2017 Saturday
7 May Day 01.05.2017 Monday
8 Birthday of Rabindranath Tagore 09.05.2017 Tuesday
9 Id-Ul_Fitar 26.06.2017 Monday
10 Independence Day 15.08.2017 Tuesday
11 Id-Ud-Joha 02.09.2017 Saturday
12 Mahalaya 19.09.2017 Tuesday
13 Mahasaptami 27.09.2017 Wednesday
14 Durgapuja Mahaastami 28.09.2017 Thursday
15 Mahanabami 29.09.2017 Friday
16 Vijaya Dasami 30.09.2017 Saturday
17 Birthday of Gandhiji 02.10.2017 Monday
18 Lakshmi Puja 05.10.2017 Thursday
19 Kalipuja 19.10.2017 Thursday
20 Birthday of Guru Nanak 04.11.2017 Saturday
21 Christmas Day 25.12.2017 Monday


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