Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi are the name, which are in the headlines of every newspaper and news channels. And the reason is already known, the 11000+ crores fraud at PNB.

A book by Ravi Subramanian has suddenly came into limelight these days. The book is “In the Name of God“, which was publishd in mid-2017. The book has suddenly become a bestseller on Amazon. Why? Because one of the main character in book is “Nirav Choksi” and he is diamon merchant.

The author says that its just a coincidence and he didn’t use the combination of Nirav Modi + Mehul Choksi to create the character Nirav Choksi.

Ravi Subramanian is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and Banker, worked with CitiBank & HSBC and is presently CEO of an NBFC.

He writes thrillers on Banking and Bankers. His populer books are:

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