Bank and Customer Relationship

Sl No Type of Transaction Bank Customer
1 Deposit a/c and Credit balance in CC/OD Debtor Creditor
2 Loan a/c and Debit balance in CC/OD Creditor Debtor
3 Collection of cheques, TT, MT, Standing Instructions, sale/ purchase of securities, Maintenance of currency chest Agent Principal
4 Safe custody articles Bailee Bailor
5 Leasing of Lockers Lessor, Licensor Landlord, Lessee, Licensee Tenant,
6 Mortgage of immovable property Mortgagee Mortgagor
7 Pledge of securities/ Shares Pledge Pledgor
8 Pledge Pawnee Pawnor
9 Hypothecation of articles Hypothicatee Hypothecator
10 Issue of Duplicate Draft Indemnified Indemnifier
11 Payment of Draft Trustee Beneficiary
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