Bank Mergers: Is it the panacea for the Banking Sector?

Merger of banks has been in the public discourse for quite some time now due to the fact that the sector is struggling to grow in the present scenario. The capital base is fast depleting, the NPA accounts are rising with unprecedented growth and the human resources of...

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11th Bipartite Settlement for Bank Employees: Latest Updates

Bank employees across the country are eagerly waiting for the implementation of the 11th bipartite settlement for them to come into effect from November 01, 2017. The settlement is carried out by the joint meeting of the Indian Banks’ Association along with the bank...

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Possibilities of 5-Day Banking in India

It is a long-pending demand of the bankers and bank unions that the banking should be made for 5 days a week instead of the recent practice of having 5 days banking only for two weeks and 6 days week for the rest. Prior to the 10th Bi-Partite Settlement that came into...

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DA for Bank Employees from August 2018

DA for Bank Employees is increased by 12 slabs from August 2018 to October 2018. As such bankers to get 1.2% higher DA from the month of August 2018. Read: How DA for Bank Employees is calculated. DA Chart for Bank Officer Staff from August 2018 DA Chart for Bank...

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Common portal for retail loans by Public Sector Banks

State-run banks are mulling a common portal where they could offer competitive and instant personal, housing and other retail loans based on the creditworthiness of the borrower. The government is expected to help the banks set up such a portal which at some later...

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